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Institutional investors venture into AirBnB with Bongo Stays.

By GetNews Published February 23, 2022

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Private equity, family offices, hedge funds, and venture capitalist have all been salivating at the opportunity of getting into the highly lucrative vacation rental and short-term rental industry. This is being made posible in a very scalable manner by a fast-growing company called Bongo Stays.

Bongo Stays is providing institutional buyers a complete package — properties, management, and scaling capabilities far beyond other management companies. Not only this, but it’s allowing these groups of large capital a unique diversity option outside of the US in emerging markets throughout Latin America.

Frank M. Valencia, Sr. Managing Partner of Global Operations states “With the upcoming adjustment in interest rates, ludicrous prices, and instability, the housing market in the United States is not ideal for large capital deployments in many geographies…” Mr. Valencia further states “Latin America is quickly becoming an attractive option for many investors looking to expand and hedge against their US holdings with much lower competition.”

Their unique proposition has generated over $195.9 MM in private money contributions. This is another example of institutions’ interest and strategic involvement in the short-term rental industry at a faster pace than ever before.

Looking strictly at the numbers, we dive deep into what makes these short-term rental and vacation rental numbers more attractive than a traditional rental. Jim Donaldson, Executive Vice President explains “Short-term rentals are able to capitalize on the volatility of demand. This means that dynamic and well-optimized pricing can generate yields in excess of 20% higher than traditional rentals.” In layman’s terms, this means that by charging per night, at a rate that adapts to supply and demand, the property gross earnings are higher than one could achieve with a long term tenant.

The hospitality industry holistically is quickly changing to include servicie apartments, homes, and unique accommodations. This has made it particularly difficult to create an all encompassing brand that’s truly standardized for the optimal guest experience. From having a pleasant check-in, to arriving to clean and equipped lodging, Bongo Stays is now a key player.

About Bongo Stays

They specialize in short term rental investing, property management, revenue management, and more. Currently manage over 20,000 properties in 14 countries and quickly expanding.

You can learn more by visiting or by contacting them directly at

Media Contact

Company Name: Bongo Stays
Contact Person: Media Relations
Phone: +1 (305) 614-29
Country: United States

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