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Dec 8, 2021


Bongo Stays, mentioned as the most reliable company on AirBnb

Everyone's seen the growth of the short-term rental and vacation rental space that's commonly referred to as "AirBnB"...

Dec 8, 2021


Bongo Stays, a growing company

With more than 10 years in the Bongo Stays market, it continues to grow...

Dec 8, 2021


Bongo Stays, AirBnb's entrepreneurial company

Bongo Stays is a full-service vacation rental property management company...

Dec 8, 2021


Bongo Stays, company that opens the market in vacation rentals

Bongo Stays not only assists property owners to optimize their rental real estate...

Dec 8, 2021


Growing Airbnb company

Bongo Stays takes its reputation as the country’s number one rental real estate management company extremely seriously...

Dec 8, 2021


Bongo Stays, with experience in the market

Bongo Stays is a property management group with over 10 years’ experience in the vacation rental property management space...

Dec 8, 2021


Bongo Stays, solving the vacation rental problem

We know managing a rental property can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming, but you’re in great hands with Bongo Stays...

Feb 23, 2022


Institutional investors venture into AirBnB with Bongo Stays.

Private equity, family offices, hedge funds, and venture capitalist have all been salivating at the opportunity of getting into the highly lucrative vacation rental and short-term rental industry...

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